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Progressive Power & Control is an Indiana hydraulics distributor of Casappa pumps and motors.

Casappa Hydraulics

Progressive Power & Control sells Casappa hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic motors, piston pumps, and Ikron filters. Hydraulic valves and controls are built in to many Casappa components, such as pressure relief valves, load sensing priority valves, by-pass electric valves, reverse valves, anti-cavitation valves, and proportional relief valves.

Casappa products include:

  • Casappa aluminum body hydraulic gear pumps
  • Aluminum-body hydraulic motors
  • Cast iron body hydraulic gear pumps
  • Casappa cast iron body hydraulic motors
  • Gear Flow Dividers
  • Casappa Variable displacement axial piston pumps
  • Fixed displacement axial piston pumps and motors
  • Hydraulic hand pumps
  • Ikron hydraulic filters

Ikron hydraulic system flitration such as return filters, suction filters, spin-on type inline filters, medium and high pressure filters.

    hydraulic valves
    Casappa hydraulic valves

    cast iron hydraulic pumps
    Casappa cast iron hydraulic pumps and motors

    gear pumps and motors

    Casappa's Polaris line of gear pumps and motors

    Casappa logo

    Aluminum body hydraulic pumps and motors
    Casappa Aluminum body hydraulic pumps and motors

    Ikron hydraulic filters
    Casappa Ikron hydraulic filters

    Hydraulic hand pumps
    Hydraulic hand pumps

    Variable axial piston pump

    Variable axial piston pump by Casappa

    fixed axial piston pumps
    Casappa fixed axial piston pumps

    Casappa gear flow dividers
    Casappa gear flow dividers